Hazes 2 (Grey 2LP)

Coloured Vinyl | Special Edition | 2 LP
Release: 30-07-2021
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Hazes 2 is the second compilation LP by André Hazes. In addition to a number of hits that
were missing from part 1, Hazes 2 contains a large number of album pieces by the
legendary Amsterdam singer that have become classics over the years
, including “Vaag En Stil”, “Mamma”, “Als Ik Jou Vergever” , “Stay
with Me”, “Sunday”, “Poei Poei”, “Be Careful of My Girl”, “Dark Around You”
, “You Are the Life for Me (with Willy Alberti)”, “Op De Chimney
Stands A Photo” and much more.
This brand new compilation contains songs from André Hazes' entire career
, from his first album “Zo Is Het Leven” to two
singles released after his death. As a result, Hazes 2 fits seamlessly with the first
compilation LP.
Hazes 2 is now available as a limited edition of just 3000
numbered records on silver vinyl and includes an insert with photos and credits.


1. Mamma
2. A Tulip Is Much More Beautiful
3. Queen Of The Zigeneurs
4. If I Forgive You
5. The Night Is My Life
6. Today
7. The Death Pub


1. Sunday
2. The Last Train
3. I'm Sure
4. Dark Around You
5. When You Are Here
6. Piove
7. A Child's Smile

1. Once In My Life
2. Stay With Me
3. I'll Stay With You
4. Live Your Own Life Now
5. Without You (For All My Fans)
6. Life On The Square
7. You Are You the Life for Me (with Willy Alberti)


1. Take Care of My Girl
2. Let the Sun Shine
3. I'll Let You Go
4. Bye Bye
5. Let Me Free
6. Vague and Silent
7. There's a Photo on the Chimney

Releasedatum 30-07-2021
Producttype Vinyl
Inhoud 2 LP
Editie Special Edition
Vinyl details Coloured Vinyl
Exclusive Nee
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Boxset Nee
Coloured Vinyl Ja
EAN 0602435721927
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Hazes 2 (Grey 2LP)