A Beautiful Revolution (2LP)

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Common Pt 1
# Artist Title
1 Common, Jessica Care Moore (A Beautiful Revolution) Intro
2 Common, PJ Fallin'
3 Common, PJ, Black Thought Say Peace
4 Common, PJ What Do You Say (Move It Baby)
5 Common, PJ, Stevie Wonder Courageous
# Artist Title
1 Common, PJ A Place In This World
2 Common, Lenny Kravitz, Chuck D. A Riot In My Mind
3 Common, PJ Don’t Forget Who You Are
4 Common, Morgan Parker (A Beautiful Revolution) Outro
Common Pt 2
# Artist Title
1 Common, Jessica Care Moore Intro (Push Out The Noise)
2 Common, PJ A Beautiful Chicago Kid
3 Common, Black Thought, Seun Kuti When We Move
4 Common, PJ Set It Free
5 Common, PJ Majesty (Where We Gonna Take It)
# Artist Title
1 Common, Marcus King, Isaiah Sharkey Poetry
2 Common Saving Grace
3 Common, PJ Star Of The Gang
4 Common, PJ Imagine
5 Common Get It Right
6 Common, Morgan Parker OUTRO (Exclamation Point)